The Sunshine School needs your support!

Only through the voluntary help of many can the Sunshine School continue to exist. Financial support is only one aspect of this. Active assistance as well is especially important for the Swiss association.

Why the Sunshine School?

While there are sufficient public schools in Nepal, even for these certain financial resources are necessary: for example in order to buy school uniforms and materials. Unfortunately, in Nepal there are many extremely poor families and many single mothers who lack the money needed. Social institutions or social safety nets to help families are hardly present in Nepal. This is why the Sunshine School is a great opportunity for many children who would otherwise never receive an education.

The Nepalese government offers no support to the Sunshine School. At the moment we need around 5,000 CHF per month for everything necessary to maintain the school, including all school materials, the salaries of teachers and cooks as well as the lunchtime meals.

We hope that the Sunshine School will continue to exist for a long time and that many children will receive the chance for a better future. Please help us to reach our goal. Let the sun shine!

Who supports the Sunshine School?

Many private persons are supporting us. Besides these, we receive support from the following foundations, companies and parishes:

  • Annette und Freddie Küng Stiftung
  • EKU Foundation
  • Ev.-ref. Kirchgemeinde Mettmenstetten
  • Ev.-ref. Kirchgemeinde Langnau am Albis
  • Ev.-Reformierte Kirchgemeinde Aeugst a. A.
  • Ev.-Reformierte Kirchgemeinde Dinhard
  • Ev.-Reformierte Kirchgemeinde Obfelden
  • Ev.-Reformierte Kirchgemeinde Zürich-Höngg
  • Foundation „Emanuele Antola“
  • Georg und Emily von Opel-Stiftung
  • Hawa AG
  • Irene-Stiftung
  • Lipoid Kosmetik AG, Steinhausen
  • Mittagstisch Obfelden
  • Kanton Basel-Stadt
  • Kohler Friedrich-Stiftung
  • Kommission für Entwicklungsfragen der ETH/Uni Zürich
  • Oekumenischer Basarverein Illnau
  • Paul Schiller-Stiftung
  • Roger Haus-Stiftung
  • Rotary Stiftung Zürich au lac
  • u-blox AG
  • Vontobel-Stiftung