Switzerland and Nepal

The Sunshine School Association in Switzerland and the NGO in Nepal work together for the Sunshine school. Here you can find out about who we are and about how these two institutions are organized.


The Sunshine School has established legal entities in Switzerland and in Nepal in order to contribute security and continuity to the project. In Switzerland this consists of an association following the Swiss Civil Code, and in Nepal a NGO (non-governmental organization) following Nepalese law.

The members of the board in Switzerland are primarily involved with fund-raising and in this way can play a role in decisions concerning the school. The NGO in Kathmandu has the responsibility of leading the school on a strategic level. The school's management takes care of the actual operation of the school.

For both the Swiss association and for the school in Kathmandu exchange is important. For this reason the school is visited at least once a year to exchange information and make plans as well as to audit the accounting.


Non-governmental organisation (NGO)

The NGO consists of seven members and has the role of preparing strategic decisions together with the Swiss committee members and communicating these on site.

The governing body of the NGO must be comprised of seven Nepalese citizens. The NGO was founded in 2008 in order to take care of the property and the school building as sustainably as possible. Only together can the board make decisions pertaining to the property, thus preventing any situation in which a single person might take decisions alone.


Bishnu Bhusal (Chairman)

Dibesh Khatree (Secretary)

Sangeeta Shrestha (Treasurer)

Dr. Purna Kanta Adhikari (Member)

Sange Sherpa (Member)

Sitaram Dahal (Memb

Ratna Lamichhane (Member)

The Sunshine School Association

On January 9, 2004 the Sunshine School was founded in Zurich (Switzerland). The purpose of the association is the promotion and support of the Sunshine School in Kathmandu (Nepal), particularly through financial assistance.

The association has been granted tax exemption, which means that your donations are tax-deductible.

The association currently has about 170 members. A large portion of whom come from Switzerland, others from Germany and the USA.


Die Protokolle der Generalversammlungen

Articles of association

Board of Sunshine School Association, Switzerland

Members (from left to right):
Back row: Enrico Celio (Actuary), Urs Albrecht (Projects; contact Nepal)
Front row: Annemarie Koelliker (Treasurer), Susy Hiestand (Projects), Andrea Werder (President), Michelle Lüscher (Communication)


Informational events

Occasionally, at schools, churches or other locations, we offer presentations and show pictures from the Sunshine School.


Every year we present ourselves with a stand at various markets and sell there tasty rolls, handicrafts from Nepal and cookies or cards made by children from the Sunshine School.

School projects

Project weeks are regularly held in schools. Nepal itself and the way that children live there is a fascinating topic.

Benefit events

Benefit concerts were an important support in the early days of the school. If you have any similar ideas or organizational talent, we would be happy to hear from you.

General Assembly

Each year at our General Assembly the members of our association are served a delicious daal bhat (the Nepali national dish) and the members can discuss Nepal and the Sunshine School in a relaxed atmosphere.


If you are interested to help with any of our activities or if you have a new idea, your enthusiasm is more than welcome. Contact us!

Mission statement

The school

  • The Sunshine School provides education for children whose parents do not have the means to pay for the tuition of a public school.
  • The school is attended by children from the poorest backgrounds, which is why the school should not be luxurious is any way.
  • The location of the school must be close to the homes of the children's parents.


  • Neither the teachers nor the principal nor any other employees receive disproportionately large salaries, as the sponsors would like their financial support to benefit as directly as possible the children's education.
  • All employees represent the interests the school and do not abuse their position for special interests.
  • Decisions are made on a team-basis and not by a single person acting alone.
  • The staff are supported by the principal as well as by visitors from outside of the school.
  • The Sunshine School works with other organizations and schools to exchange ideas and experiences.